March 25, 2020

Top 3 Jewelry For Men

By Nirwaana Admin
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It's not just yesterday that men have started wearing jewelry, it goes way back when mankind discovered metals and stones that could be used as ornaments. The best example in this context is the Ancient Egypt civilization. Men were equally involved in wearing jewelry and it used to be a sign of prosperity and royal culture.

The 21st century is all about breaking stereotypes and challenging existing taboos. The term jewelry today is considered a lady's arena and men are expected to stay away from it. Well, that's the glass we're going to shatter today because today we'll talk about the 3 most popular men's jewelry pieces and how to style them. 



Rings are popularly worn by men and not just because of the wedding rings but for statement accessorizing as well. Rings are becoming a statement jewelry piece and for good reasons. A simple and plain ring can do wonders for any outfit without even putting many efforts into styling it.

A number of rings to be chosen from are: Wedding bands, Signet rings & Fashion rings

Rings should be styled according to the person's personality and the metal chosen should be comfortable to wear. One should ensure that the rings are simple and plain keeping the minimalism factor intact.



Bracelets are the next popular jewelry item for men and are known for the variety they offer for different moments.

Styling with bracelets should be kept minimal because it is supposed to enhance the look not to grab attention from it. There are a number of options from which you can choose your next bracelet: Gemstone beads bracelets, Metal bands, Leather cuffs or braided bands, I.D. Bracelets, health bands etc.

Types of bracelets for MenBead bracelets for Men

Different bracelets suit different occasions and should be styled accordingly. For instance, metal bands are perfect for a formal outfit, strings and rope chords go best with a casual outfit and health bands could be a perfect addition to one's gym wear.



Cufflinks are the most popular jewelry item among men. If styled properly it can add class to any outfit. They are perfect alternatives for boring buttons and are versatile enough to be styled with various shirts and tuxedos. Quirkier options are also very popular to add tad bit of fun to your look. There is a wide variety of cufflinks from which you can choose to buy next. This accessory is our favorite too! So lets talk about these in detail in our next blog.

Cufflinks are best suited with formal and semiformal outfits. One classic example of styling cufflinks is styling it with a plain tuxedo having a black or a white tie. One can even style it in cocktail parties and family functions with a crisp white shirt.


It's time we embrace and welcome men into the world of jewelry without typecasting. Men can look as attractive as women when styled perfectly with add-on jewelry pieces.