Maasai - A tribal inspired jewelry collection by Nirwaana


“One only owns their body”
To be born a Maasai is to be born in the world's last great warrior culture. The new age nomads of Africa have the urge to stand out and train early to be a responsible warrior.
Maasai collection is a tribute to her 'warrior heart'!
Beauty of being comfortable in your own skin. In today’s mindset of urban women, a sincere effort is made to live her best. The urge to stand out in the most subtle way through one's style, is one of the key traits of an urban woman.
This is a collection of vintage inspired, meaningful and fashion forward designs for all the empowered women in the new age society. Styles that have sentimental value with mindful simplicity. Yet, the jewelry that embodies primitive zest!
Styles in this collection are handcrafted using 925 silver with oxidized finish.

Maasai Tribal Silver statement necklace
Rs. 13,250.00
Maasai Tribal Finger Ring
Maasai Earrings
Maasai Tribal Bracelet
Rs. 9,200.00
Maasai Stud Earrings