Jewelry Collection 'I Still Do' for anniversary gifting

I Still Do!

"True love is your soul's recognition of its counterpart in another."

As the name indicates, the collection is a celebration of a nuptial bond.
Jewelry that takes you down the memory lane and makes one  feel nostalgic about those vows & promises that you made to each other. A collection that speaks and is truly expressive! Anniversary gemstone jewelry. I Still Do!

A collection that is beautifully crafted with a 'pair of dove' which is not only an expression that indicates true love & fidelity, but goes deeper to symbolize harmony and commitment between the partners, for life! 
The finishing of the main design of this collection represents the contrasting colors silver 'white' & 'black rhodium', depicting the yin-yang of relationships in life. An embodiment of balance created in relationships.

The base Metal of the styles is Sterling Silver (92.5% silver purity) with parts of it plated with 'Black Rhodium'. Learn more about Rhodium & Rhodium plating here.
The jewelry styles of this collection come studded with customizable gemstone. Gemstone which can be incorporated according to the specific anniversary of togetherness. Yes! there is a specific anniversary gemstone to mark celebration of each year of togetherness. Thus, making this collection a special gift for that special occasion or all year around.
Know your anniversary gemstone: To know about which gemstone should you be selecting for customizing your purchase, refer our blog here or write to us.

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Dove Bond Necklace
Dove Bond Cufflinks
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