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Clean, Care And Store Gemstone Studded Jewelry
Clean, Care And Store Gemstone Studded Jewelry

by Nirwaana Admin February 28, 2020

Do you ever worry about how you are going to protect your precious and semi-precious gemstone studded jewelry? If yes, then you have landed to the right place as today we'll talk about how to clean, care and store your gemstone jewelry properly.

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Tale Of Talisman Blog By Nirwaana
Tale Of Talismans

by Nirwaana Admin October 18, 2019

If you’re a fan of supernatural movies and TV shows, then you’ve probably heard about Talisman. Talismans are believed to work as magic charms, providing strength and some power to the wearer. Although, it cannot be pointed out exactly when and where the origin of these mystical instruments took place, traces of their existence

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The Mystical World Of Birthstones Blog
The Mystical World Of Birthstones

by Nirwaana Admin June 20, 2019

Mother earth is a big treasure box of natural minerals, gemstones and crystals having their own healing qualities and spiritual meanings. The worldwide fascination with birthstones has been there since times immemorial. The Indians, Russians, Romans, Greek, Egyptians, and Persians are among the ancient...

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Customer Reviews

  • Thank you!

    Thank you, got the stuffs today and I am very very happy, its more than I expected, saw it in the site/photo and it was beautiful, but when I held it in my hand, it is gorgeous and cant wait to wear it. The "Cosmic cuff" and "Daredevil bracelet" is love and majestic. The "Armor ring" is perfect to my finger. Looking forward for the next stuffs to have, lined up in my growing list.

    Dano Liway
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  • Amethyst Flower Ring - Worth the wait. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Beautiful bright purple. The ring is magnificent and will go with a necklace and bracelet I already have. Can’t thank you enough.

    Elizabeth Lambert
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  • Great experience!

    My first purchase with you was great experience. This certainly will not be the last one. Looking forward for more styles

    - Gunjan
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  • Lovely packing & timely delivery.

    I would like to thank Nirwaana team for having excellent delivery service. Collection is really impressive and fresh. I look forward for more products.

    - Puneet Kumar
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  • Thank you for Rosy Relish.

    I wish to thank you for the beautiful ring I found at your website. I was highly impressed with your quality and prices. Looking forward for more products.

    - Divya Harwani
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  • Extremely happy with the product.

    I have never seen menakaari work on pearl, i mean this is the ultimate design I have come across. Best services & absolutely trustworthy :)

    - Neha
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