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In a lot of cultures men historically wore jewelry, in fact a lot of jewelry. Yet in the modern world, a common stereotype is “Real men don't wear jewelry”. 

It's not right to assume that all jewelry is feminine. In fact, a right piece of jewelry can instantly add to your style quotient.

However do remember, while there isn't exactly a wrong or right way to any fashion or styling, there is a fine line between class and crass.

Guys, below are quick tips on how to accessorize

Guys, below are quick tips on how to accessorize

- Wear your confidence first !

- For starters, its wise to pick simpler/classic pieces or else go with what resonates with your personal style.

- Dress and accessorize occasion appropriate.

- Never over accessorize.

- Select & wear jewelry that is in proportion to your body.

- Avoid clash between different metal colors

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