Entangled Wreath of Celebration Collection Nirwaana


The main element of this collection comes from an 'Ivy plant' that's popular ancient symbol of fidelity, evergreen friendship & affection.
The wreath arrangement is embellished with ivy leaves, pine cone, fresh water pearl buds & a silver flower. These elements put together, depict a perfect combination of love, joy & strength. Wear the entangled collection to radiate the positivity that is inside you. 
Base metal used is sterling silver with brass parts in some styles.


Textured Ivy leaf detachable Bracelet charm
Rs. 695.00
Ivy Leaf Charm Bracelet
Rs. 2,650.00
Ivy leaves neckpiece
Silver ivy leaf and faceted crystal quartz ball earrings
Rs. 950.00
Celebration wreath Brooch
Celebration wreath danglers