About US

Nirwaana, is the state of pure happiness, a place of perfect harmony of the mind, nature and creativity. True to our name, we seek to create unique wearable art which resonate with the present self.

All Nirwaana jewelry is designed and crafted with love by the local artisans in India.

Every human society has evolved around art; our designers travel the world to seek inspiration from rich diverse cultures, incorporating their stories and materials into our designs. The constant search for inspiration may ignite from something as delicate and infinitesimal as a snowflake, the timeless technique of Shibori dyeing, or exquisite gem stones.

Nirwaana is a premium jewellery online store, which believes in providing a delightful e-commerce experience of art, culture, design and trend-based silver / semi-precious stones costume jewellery. All our sterling silver jewelry is made out of recycled silver. We proudly differentiate ourselves, by using the best quality & most exclusive raw material, from around the world. A cognizant shopper expects the best service and product, and we ensure that we give our genuine best every time!

Our designs are living, breathing memoirs of inspired craft, hand-made using age old practices and techniques. While we take inspiration from timeless techniques, the designs created are contemporary and fashion forward. Our craftsmen are dedicated to compose intricate creations which reflect the love and passion with which they were designed, unmatched by the mass produced machine made jewellery. We are steeped in history as we look forward to the future, making available our fashion jewellery, online for the tech savvy, mindful shopper.