About Our Product


Nirwaana products are mainly 'handcrafted'.

During handcrafting process, the artisans work on one piece at a time, therefore it may not be possible to create exact identical pieces. Also you may notice minor blemishes or variations that are not flaws.

These variations are inherent part of handmade products, making the piece that you own extremely special and one-of-a-kind.

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While the crafting techniques & raw material used are traditional, which have been in existence since centuries, the designs are given a contemporary twist to make the articles appealing for your expectations today.


Natural Gemstones

The stones used by us are natural precious & semi-precious gemstones. Sometimes to fulfill the creative requirements of an article, stones are just sliced and used in their most organic form. In which case no two pieces of a particular style look the same. While for such articles, every single stone is handpicked by our designer to ensure style aesthetics for each individual jewelry piece, you can still request a photo of an item at the time of your purchase, should you wish to. You could write to us at contactus@nirwaana.com for making this request.



Recyced Silver

Our sterling silver jewelry is made out of recycled silver.


Product Photography

Also be noted that we are strictly against unusual editing of product pictures. At Nirwaana you get what you see!

While the images uploaded on our website are a true representation of actual products, we have no control over the slight color differences that could occur due to variations in individual screen settings of various electronic devices.