Talisman Collection By Nirwaana


Magical - Powerful - Protective

Talisman, an object thats believed to bring good luck or to protect its possessor from harm or evil. Talisman jewelry is very popular today. Other than the beliefs attached, these jewelry pieces look exquisite and timeless.
Evil Eye is a traditional ancient symbol which is used to protect the wearer against the evil eye. It dates back to the Roman era and was a widely extended belief among Mediterranean and Asian cultures. Today these are commonly used in decorative items, printed on clothing or fashioned into jewelry. 
Four leaf clover is rarely found in nature. It is believed to bring ‘Good Luck’ to its possessor. Each of the 4 leaves of clover represents a different quality. The first leaf representing hope, the second faith, the third leaf is for love and the fourth one brings good luck to its finder. Representation of this in the form of amulets makes up for a perfect piece of jewel to own.
White Spider! Spider has been praised across cultures and centuries for its unmatched ability to spin webs. In ancient times, weaving was related to social affluence as it was a skill possessed by only a few. So, spider was considered a symbol for good wealth. Spotting a white spider was often considered a good omen. Cut to the recent times, gifting your loved one’s spider related jewelry is considered a way of wishing someone great wealth and prosperity. Check out our statement white spider web ear cuff.
White Spider EarCuff
4 Leaf clover Danglers Nirwaana
4 Leaf Clover Brooch by Nirwaana
4 Leaf Clover Danglers - Gold Plated
Rs. 6,800.00
4 leaf clover studs silver
4 leaf clover studs gold
4 Leaf clover Studs Gold - mood shot
4 leaf clover ring silver - mood shot
Evil eye necklace in blue
Evil eye neckpiece in white
Rs. 3,800.00
Evil eye brooch in blue
Evil eye brooch in white
Evil eye bracelet in blue
Evil eye bracelet in white zircon
Rs. 3,600.00