Solid Gold Vs Gold Filled Vs Gold Plated

Solid Gold, Gold Filled, Gold Plated jewelry


Sold Gold :

  • Most valuable
  • Contains only gold of a particular (specified) purity/carat. No other mixing at the jewelry manufacturing level. Learn about different gold & silver purities here.
  • Ornaments made of solid gold can be melted down and recycled (re-used) to create new jewelry pieces of the same carat of solid gold


Gold Filled :

  • When the solid/thick layer of gold is mechanically bonded with other base metal such as silver, brass etc
  • A cross section view of ‘gold filled’ jewelry (as shown in image above) will look like the gold is filled with other metals.
  • More affordable


Gold Plated / Gold Vermeil :

  • When silver or any other metal is coated with a thin layer of real gold (of a particular carat) through the process or electroplating.
  • The most affordable option as compared to solid gold. Different gold tones for the ornaments can be achieved as per latest trends.
  • Has limited lifespan but the ornaments can be re-plated for sparkling appearance.
  • Learn in detail about ‘Gold plating’ here