Types of Bracelets

If you are planning to add on new accessories in your jewelry collection then bracelets must be on your priority because of their popularity and effortless elegance they add on to your outfit.

Every woman should have at least a few pairs of bracelets which will save her a few minutes when she's getting late for an event but doesn't want to compromise with her appearance.

Here is a list of common types of bracelets:


1) Chain bracelets

A versatile bracelet that looks good with all possible outfits. As the name suggests, chain bracelets generally connect different materials through a chain which forms a bracelet with an extra length extension chain and flexible lock which helps it to fit any wrist size. These delicate bracelets can be found in many types such as letters been collated together or are often made up of colourful stones.


2) Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are one of the most elegant bracelets one can find. These are made up of various beads, pearls or with gemstones strung together. These bracelets are very common among men though suit both genders equally. If you are confused about which bracelet to pair up with your outfit then this is your perfect choice, be it for a formal or casual look.


3) Charm bracelets

The name Charm bracelet is inspired by the term 'lucky charm'. These bracelets are generally customized ones, created as per the needs of the wearer. The charms or trinkets attached to these bracelets can be the pre-fixed variety or detachable ones.

Often people like to pick charm bracelets which they can constantly embelish by adding more and more detachable charms as per their liking. More the merrier is the rule of the game. Also for such bracelets mixing charms of different metal colors within a single bracelet isnt a constraint either.

The bracelet may be any type, the condition being it goes with your personal style. Generally, women wear precious gemstones as their charm bracelets.


4) Slider bracelets

Slider bracelets is one of the newest trends and also gaining popularity since this one too is the type in which ‘one size fits all’. The bracelet has a slider clasp which is the main feature. Both end of the chain of the bracelet pass through this slider & hang at the other end, with usually embellished end, drawing focus towards the wearer’s wrist. Slider can be pushed or pulled in different direction to adjust the size of bracelet as per choice.


5) Bangles

Bangles are the most common ethnic wear accessory.

Bangles have a defined fixed structure and are generally in circular shape, though the contemporary jewelry makers do experiment with other shapes as well today.

These type of bracelets can have a minimalistic look and flatter the wrist. From embellished to simple, bangle bracelets are found in many varieties depending upon the need of the outfit. The heavily embellished versions are best suited as occasion wear.


6) Cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets are probably inspired by the bangle bracelets and are Cuff bracelets are among the trendiest accessories these days. They are often confused with bangle bracelets but are much wider and chunkier than them. Unlike, bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets are often adjustable or slightly open, which clears out the issue of correct size making it suitable for more women.

These type of bracelets can be easily paired up with both western formal or casual outfits. Though the fusion versions team up good with Indian ethnic wear too.


7) Tennis bracelet

The thin string of diamond set symmetrically very close to each other form this timeless piece of jewelry. It got its named & gained popularity after a fomous tennis player Chris Evert broke her similar looking bracelet during one of her match. Today this bracelet is made out of many other gemstones and the designers experiment with the base metal & settings to present more modern versions to their clients.


Once you have all these bracelets in your collection, you can be assured that you are good to go to style any outfit. So go stalk 'em up.

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