Types of Necklace

Jewelry is an important accessory that can accentuate your overall look. Just like any other jewelry, there are various types of necklaces that one can pick from according to the occasion, outfit, body type or an overall look planned. Below guide on necklaces will help you understand your jewelry a bit better.

1) Collar necklaces

A dog collar necklace is another category and is often confused with a choker. Unlike choker necklace, its length remains within a range of 12” to 14”. This type of necklace fits really close on the neck, almost resembling the typical Dog collars, with an opening at back.

Dog collar necklaces are another good option for someone having a shorter body frame as it elongates your features giving a taller appearance and creating even body proportions.


2) Choker necklace

Choker necklaces are those neck pieces which sit close to your neck and generally have a length varying from 14” to 16”. Choker necklace gives a definite shape to your neck and create an illusion of a longer neck.

Perfect for those having a round or an oval face cut as these will give a nice frame. Also, since these necklaces sit on your neck and gives an illusion of a longer upper body which makes them a great choice for a petite body type as well.


3) Princess necklaces

A princess necklace is a neckpiece which is placed between your bust and your lower neck. Its length ranges from 16” to 18”. The pearl princess length necklaces are perfect to wear on Indian ethnic wear or for that chic officewear look. The beaded princess necklaces are the second most popular choice after pearls, amongst most women.

This is a perfect length of necklace for those having a heart shaped face structure as it will help in softening the face features giving it a more definite appearance.


4) Matinee necklaces

A matinee necklace’s length varies from 20” to 24” and hence, generally lays on your bust line. Technically, a matinee necklace is double the length of a choker and is saved for dresses having a plunging neckline.

Another good option of ones having a round or oval face cut. Also, since these necklaces lays just above your bust, these are perfect for those having a pear body type as they will bring attention towards your upper body.


5) Opera necklaces

Opera necklaces lie on more dramatic category as they have a long length ranging from 24-30”. Women are often found wearing it by wrapping it up and turning it into a layered necklace. These are perfect for parties.

Opera necklace is best for taller women as it brings attention to the assets of a taller body structure. It is also suitable for ones having an athletic body type.


6) Rope necklaces

All necklaces which are longer than 32” fall under this category. Rope necklaces are extremely versatile as they can be worn in so many style and layers. Rope necklaces are generally pearl strands.

Another option for ones with a taller body frame as any rope necklace would accentuate tall body. It is also a good option for ones having an inverted triangle body structure as it will bring attention towards your waist.


7) Bib necklaces

Bib necklaces are one of the trendiest neck pieces these days as they are found both in both western as well as ethnic jewelry. They are made up of a few strands and lengths generally within the range of 20 to 22 inches.

Bib necklaces are perfect for those having a beautiful hourglass figure as it will bring attention to your curves.


8) Pendant style necklace

A pendant is attached to a chain or a chord by means of a small hoop, here the pendant completes the look of the necklace. The thickness and the length of the chain depends on the style & size of pendant. Wearing a pendant dates back to stone age and pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Sometimes, pendants tend to be symbolic or it can be beautiful pieces or stones that can be worn on a daily basis.


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