Anahata Chakra Lumba With Meenakari - Gold

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Braided lumba bracelet for bhabhi, handmade out of authentic 'mouli' (kalawa) embellished with gold plated 'Anahata Chakra' charm. The charm decorated with a 'Green Onyx' gemstone drop and is fixed with a ring clasp, which can be detached easily and worn later after the festival too, by clipping it on to your regular bracelets or worn as pendant in a neck chains.

Chakra: As per yogic science, the 7 main chakras of our body (Sapta Chakra in Sanskrit, meaning 7 wheels of energy) are the focal energy centres, that are correlated to the major organs of a human body. The Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra) located at the centre of our chest, just above the heart, and is associated with love & compassion.

Metal used: Real silver (925 sterling silver) with 1 micron plating

Gemstones used: Green Onyx

Dimensions: Total charm length with clasp 5.7cm, Charm without clasp 4.8*1.2cm(L*W), Green Onyx drop size - 9*6mm (L*W)

Care instructions for charms:

    • Donot leave it exposed to air / water / chemical (deo or perfume).
    • Do not bend or twist the piece as its delicate.
    • Periodically clean the jewelry with soft cotton cloth & cosmetic brush (never with paper) to reach out to inside small parts. Be sure to dry the jewelry well to keep its brilliance & shine. 
    • The style is intricate pieces of delicate jewellery. Store it separately in the the provided box wrapped in soft cotton fabric or provided dust bag. Never store along with other jewelry pieces to avoid scratches or pressed under other heavier jewellery pieces.

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