Manipura Charm

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Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) located at the upper abdomen, in stomach area, is a chakra of our personal ability related to our self esteem. Manipura chakra charm is decoated with Citrine Gemstone and attached with a 5mm ring clasp, which can be used to clip the charm easily to your existing jewelry, or whichever way you may like to wear. Product weight is 1.2 gms.

Gemstone used: 0.03 carat Citrine, a gemstone believed to opening & balance the Solar Plexus chakra, bringing in positive energies for our body.

Dimensions: Total length with clasp 2.1cm, Charm without clasp 1.2*1.2cm(L*W)

Metal used: Sterling silver

This charm can be worn as:

    • Hanging charm in a bracelet
    • As pendant to a necklace or
    • As a pretty addition to your bag charm

Care Instructions:

    • Donot leave it exposed to air / water / chemical (deo or perfume).
    • Do not bend or twist the piece as its delicate.
    • Periodically clean the jewelry with soft cotton cloth & cosmetic brush (never with paper) to reach out to inside small parts. Be sure to dry the jewelry well to keep its brilliance & shine. 
    • The style is intricate pieces of delicate jewellery. Store it separately in the the provided box wrapped in soft cotton fabric or provided dust bag. Never store along with other jewelry pieces to avoid scratches or pressed under other heavier jewellery pieces.

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