January 15, 2019

10 Jewelry Trends of 2019 and How to Wear Them

By Nirwaana Admin
10 Jewelry Trends of 2019 and How to Wear Them

Cheer is here! It’s 2019- a new year, a new beginning and we can’t wait to get our hands on all the show-stopping fine jewelry trends approaching. The 2019 runway shows have been filled with a lot of versatile and unique eye candy – jewelry pieces which are literally screaming fashion. Overall, some amazing collection!Another good news: We have listed down season’s hottest pieces along with our personal predictions so that you can totally rock them up in the coming days. Read on:


1. Not So Basic Hoops

For 2019 jewelry trends, delicate hoop earrings are going to be replaced by much more dramatic ones on the streets. Prepare yourself to watch out for something termed as- “hyper-hoops”- an extreme version of hoop earrings in various sizes with different kinds of embellishments, designs and shapes. Crescent moons, geometrical hoops etc. are going to reign over 2019.

At Matty Bovan, large and colorful hoop earrings with geometric netting were the talk of the show. Earrings at Loewe also threw major punk vibes, with a chunk of leather filling  and had smaller metal hoops surrounding their perimeter.

dramatic, oversized hoops, hyper-hoops


2. Arm Cuffs

Arm cuffs or armbands have made their place in 2019 jewelry trends, in the form of both bohemian as well as sleek designs. We saw delicate golden bracelets worn halfway up the forearm at Chloe, throwing a unique yet feminine feel. On the other hand, Saint Laurent had her model’s arm wrapped around by a jewel-studded snake which suited well on the dark theme of the collection.

Trend 2 - arm cuffs or armbands


3. Stacked Necklaces

Jewelry layering and specially “stacked neckpieces” could be seen a lot in the spring summer runway by top international designers from putting two necklaces together to other extreme forms of jewelry layering. The Salvatore Ferragamo runway this season which was all about boho chic, portrayed women wearing multiple necklaces at once with a unique and exotic vibe to the entire look. Coach 1941 and Chloe were also about layered necklaces.

On the other hand, Gucci had models wearing huge necklaces with massive beads and pendants worn over a jewel-encrusted choker with dangling chains.

Jewelry layering and stacked neckpieces


4. Face Armor

The most powerful and aggressive take on face jewelry for 2019 is going to be “Face Armors”. “Women as warriors”, a key trend of 2019.  As seen on runway, models walked with their faces covered in a kind of jewelry which spoke louder than words.

At Anrealage, we spotted thick and black colored chains sitting over the head and covering half the face while Kiko Kostadinov had models in a symmetrical black and silver piece of face and head jewelry.

Face armors the aggressive face jewelry for women


5. Loose and Fringed Chokers

Chokers are back in 2019 with a comfy makeover. These new chokers are going to sit low on the neck and unlike the traditional chokers, not really choking the wearer being too tight on the neck.  As part of 2019 jewelry trends, these chokers showed a whole lot of range.

Giorgio Armani, for example showed chokers representing more of boho-chic style. The thick material sat around the neck comfortably in multiple rings like pattern while Prada displayed some cute chokers with bows on them.

Comfortable chokers, not so tight to the neck


6. Feathers

In 2019 runway, feathers made a special place of their own. It’s not easy to add soft feather or faux-fur embellishments to jewelry and making it look effortless, but designers nailed it in 2019 spring/summer collection. Colorful feathers became essential to adorn hoop earrings and bracelets at Loewe, giving a rusty wild vibe to the collection. Longchamp chose to opt for long shoulder dusting feather earrings with a lots of color.

Soft feathers and fake fur embellished jewelry


7. Huge chunky Bracelets

Those who dislike stacking bracelets, chunky bracelet comes for the rescue. A lot of futuristic and boho-chic chunky bracelets made a place in 2019 jewelry collection. At Giorgio Armani, the collection had various shades of blue and purple chunky handcuffs made out of plastic. These bracelets contributed their best towards emphasizing delicate wrists.

Chunky bracelets were also spotted at Emporio Armani, in solid monochrome colors that matched the runway vibes.

Chunky bracelets stacked or solo, boho-chic


8. Seashells

These pieces from 2019 spring collection will transport you to the islands of Bahamas for a while. Designers have definitely been thinking of their tropical and beach vacations and hence it’s pretty much shown in the form of seashells jewelry on the runway. These pieces of jewelry are everything from Bohemian to contemporary.

Altuzarra came up with a beachy collection this season with seashells adorning necklaces and earrings along with clothes and bags. Shells adorned Etro's jewelry collection, with the extra bling, making them look luxurious.

Beachwear jewelry collection with sea shells


9. Minimal Pearl Jewelry

As we all know- “Pearls are universal and timeless”. They are spotted on the runway in various avatars right from adoring the entire choker neckpieces or delicate earrings and bracelets.

The Brock Collection pearl earrings took over triangle forms and are embedded with bird motifs making them look lovely and unique while Simone Rocha chose pearls and paired them with floral details for a quirky style which is definitely here to stay.

Classic pearls combined with quirky styling


10. Disco Earrings

“Go bold or go home” seems to be the fashion mantra this year and Disco earrings are there to prove it right. Disco earrings from 80’s are back with a bling and some added flavors.

Balenciaga’s range of ‘80s earrings are chic, elegant and the shiny heart-shape is enough to set them apart from their competitive counterparts. On the other hand, Saint Laurent’s oversized geometrical earrings looked fierce and bold.

Body blingy disco earrings from the 80s