Clean, Care And Store Gemstone Studded Jewelry

by Nirwaana Admin February 28, 2020

Clean, Care And Store Gemstone Studded Jewelry

Do you ever worry about how you are going to protect your precious and semi-precious gemstone studded jewelry? If yes, then you have landed to the right place as today we'll talk about how to clean, care and store your gemstone jewelry properly.



Everything needs occasional cleanliness to ensure that they always look new and ready to wear and gemstones jewelry pieces are no different. Cleaning them is equally important.

Here is an age-old trick that is effective and is approved by grannies to make your jewelry shine like it was bought yesterday.

Dish soap cleaning

  • Fill a deep bowl with clear warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap or baby shampoo. Big NO to harsh cleaners.
  • Dip your jewelry in the water and let it sit for a few seconds.
  • Take a tooth brush with ‘soft’ or ‘extra soft’ bristles and gently rub your jewelry with it.
  • Be careful not to overdo or be too harsh it as it may lead to discoloration of stones.
  • For the gem studded jewelry, unfortunately the dirt accumulates hidden around prong/collet frame or even under the gemstone. You can even use shaved toothpicks to take off more stubborn accumulations. Keep it gentle and do not over do, to avoid any damages.
  • Once done with scrubbing, rinse with clean water of the same temperature as last time and pat dry the jewelry thoroughly. It is imp to keep water temperature almost same all times, as drastic temperature changes can have adverse effects on gemstones.

This simple trick will give your gemstones their shine back and even saves you a lot of bucks that you would have spent on getting them cleaned by a jeweler.



Taking care of your jewelry is not anything like rocket science as all you need to do is follow a few tips:

  • Hold your jewelry with extra care because some pieces can be easily prone to breakage.
  • Always avoid rubbing oils on your skin while having your jewelry on as this can wear off the actual color of your precious stones.
  • Set a schedule to clean your jewelry pieces from time to time to maintain it's original shine and spark. Get professional help to get your jewelry polished from time to time or when the need arises.
  • Always examine your stones to see they aren’t lose in their setting. If they are you need to take them back to you jeweller to have this fixed, in order to avoid them falling off.
  • Remove your jewelry while bathing or while doing any other water activity.



Storage of jewelry is a big factor in ensuring that your jewelry will last forever and will keep those precious gemstones always shining. All you need to do is swear by a few tips:

  • Always examine your metals and/or stones before storing them as each of them has different properties and needs to be stored accordingly.
  • Wrap your jewelry pieces in a soft cloth or dust bag and store them in a dry box away from other jewelry pieces to avoid scratches.
  • Keep your jewelry away from harsh temperature, dryness and direct sunlight as these can lead to discoloration of your stones and damage them.
  • Always have a jewelry storage box stored where they do not come in contact with water or light.

If you follow these tips religiously then you are not losing the originality of your gemstones anytime soon.  

Nirwaana Admin
Nirwaana Admin


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Nurit Niskala
Nurit Niskala

November 04, 2020

Thanks for sharing such informative information. Appreciated your blog. Thanks!!

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