March 20, 2019

Clean, Care & Store Copper Jewelry

By Nirwaana Admin
Clean, Care & Store Your Copper Jewelry

This is how you can clean, care and store copper jewelry:

  • Do not wear your copper jewelry when exposed to any kind of chemical
  • Copper jewelry pieces require a little more maintenance than other metals as it needs to be cleaned often to ensure It stays shiny for a longer period.
  • Many of us worry when we see our copper jewelry turning blue-green in color. This is not a reason for concern at all, neither is this unhealthy for us. The color change in copper is simply due to the reaction with our skin oils or the acidic water content from our sweat. The color gets back to normal after you stop wearing the jewelry for some time & clean it well. 
  • It is pretty easy to clean copper jewelry as all you need to do is wash it with lukewarm water and soap. A soft bristle brush can also be used to clean the grime away.
  • Interestingly, copper doesn't get spoilt when one take shower while wearing it. As the warm water and soap used for bathing will work as a cleaning agent for it.
  • Unfortunately, copper often becomes a quick target of tarnishing and to avoid that you can soak it in vinegar or lemon for 20 minutes. However strictly do not use this method for the copper jewelry that is set with gemstones, as acidic vinegar or lemon can damage the stone. Please go for professional cleaning in such cases.
  • Please ensure your copper jewelry is completely dried up after the cleaning is done, before you store it away, as copper tarnishes when exposed to air & moisture.
  • Even the body oils can tarnish copper over the period of time, hence do wipe your copper jewelry thoroughly and regularly.
  • Seal it in an air tight bag & store it in a cool & dry place.
  • If possible wrap the jewelry in anti tarnish paper before sealing in into a ziplock.