November 30, 2018

Keep Zircon Jewelry New & Shiny

By Nirwaana Admin
Keep Zircon Jewelry New & Shiny Blog

Zircon jewelry is one of the most magnificent as well as an underrated jewel. It possesses so many qualities like a diamond and yet comes at a much more affordable price. This precious gemstone is in use since the ancient era and still maintains it's position among the most beautiful gemstones.

Just like every jewelry available in this world, it also requires particular care and maintenance to make it last longer and shine everlastingly.


Maintain it properly

We know you spent a fortune on your zircon jewelry pieces and when they do not last long as expected, it's quite heartbreaking. But there's nothing like rocket science which you cannot do to make your zircon jewelry to shine always as new.

Here are certain tips which will help you to keep it look sparkling always:

  • Cleaning it in a routine: Have a day at least once a month to clean out your jewelry and make sure you stick to that cleaning routine. However, cleaning it quite often may lead to damage. Do not hesitate to visit your jeweler to get it cleaned professionally if the need occurs.
  • Keep it away from oils and moisturizers: Store your zircon jewelry away from oils and moisturizers as such substances can have a severe effect on its quality. Avoid wearing your precious jewelry pieces when you have a thick layer of moisturizer or body oil applied to your skin.
  • A big "NO" to harsh cleaners: Harsh chemicals and cleaners such as chlorine and bleach should be avoided when it comes to cleaning your zircon jewelry. Instead, stick on to mild cleaners and detergents which are specially designed to clean jewelry pieces.
  • Airtight containers to the rescue: Water, air, and humidity are the biggest enemies of your jewelry, and that is why you should make sure that your zircon pieces are stored in airtight containers that are readily available in the market. Ensure that you keep your jewelry back to your container as soon as you are done with its usage.

 No matter how much we try and maintain any jewelry, it will eventually get dull and lose it's shine somehow, and we will have to clean it once in a blue moon. However, you can reduce the frequency of cleaning it by following the above-mentioned methods properly.


Keep it clean 

Keeping zircon jewelry clean and shiny for long can seem like a hectic task because of its sensitiveness. But don't worry, here we are mentioning three easy ways which will help you to clean your precious zircon jewelry without causing any damage to its beauty.

  • Soft brush method: Mix a mild detergent in a glass of lukewarm water. Dip a soft bristle toothbrush into this mixture and start cleaning your jewelry pieces with it. Make sure you clean your jewelry very softly to avoid any damage. After this, rinse it with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Soaking method: Mix mild detergent in a bowl of lukewarm water just like in the previous method. After this, soak your zircon jewelry pieces in that solution for about 3 to 5 minutes. Once done, rinse your jewelry pieces with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth.
  • Reach out for professional: If you fail in cleaning your zircon jewelry with the above two methods, it's high time that you should seek a jeweler's help. All the jewelry you purchased from Nirwaana, could be sent to us for cleaning as we offer after sales services. Please read more about our ‘After Sales Services’.


Store it well

Store each of your jewelry piece in the separate box or separate compartments within a box, wrapped in soft fabric or dust bag.


We hope these tips come in handy for you.

Go girl, wear your beautiful jewelry and dazzle the world!

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