November 10, 2018

Mixed Metal Jewelry! One of the hottest trends of jewelry is here to stay

By Nirwaana Admin
Hottest trend of mixed metal jewelry

There was a time when women matched the colors of their clothes with their shoes, bags, nail paints and almost every accessory. That was also the time when it was considered downright taboo to mix different metals while designing or wearing a piece of jewelry. Under no circumstances was gold supposed to meet silver or copper supposed to meet bronze! Hence, you can imagine how exciting it is for us to reveal that one of this year’s biggest jewelry trends is mixed metal pieces. Looking at this trend, we realized that it definitely amps up an otherwise plain look and gives that unconventional edge to wearer’s styling.

Runway models, celebrities and movie stars are all flaunting off their version of marvelous mixed metal ornaments. Even royalty is in on the full swing to match up with this trend. Adding new jewelry pieces to your collection is always fun. And when it comes to mixed metals, they are having a moment in jewelry and its definitely here to stay. This trend allows us to wear all our favorite metals together. Designers all across are going experimental with mixing the metals and coming up with beautiful and unconventional pieces of jewelry. There are absolutely no boundaries to blending metals anymore.

Biggest trend mixed metals jewelry


Types of mixed metal jewelry

Two-Toned Jewelry

The two-tone look is considered to be the classic. It blends instantly with your existing wardrobe and it won't turn over with changing color fads. The key is to mix two contrasting tones like silver and copper. It's eye-catching and also timeless in its appeal. Blend is the new bling! We believe in. Take a look at our collection ‘Cocktail’ with pieces in silver and copper mix.

Multi-Toned Jewelry

Here's where things start getting wilder. Designers are in love with this lately and experimenting with the three standard tones (yellow, white, rose) and mix in new shades of gunmetal, bronze, or even oxidized sterling silver. This jewelry trend is for the undaunted and for the ones who believe in experimenting.


The art of alloying

Alloys most traditional way of mixing metals

The most traditional way of mixing metals since ages has been alloys. This is a crucial step for craftsmen and designers as they need to decide on several things including which substances are to be mixed with metals, the proportion of mixing without impacting the original properties & quality of the prime metal, the process of transforming the mix into a piece & so on. There is so much more to this interesting topic but we’ll contain our excitement for now and cover this in detail, sometime in future.


Styling Mixed metals

Don’t you think that the rules — especially fashion rules — were meant to be broken and that jewels of all tones, piled high or minimally adorned, can look incredible together with the right styling? We believe in this firmly. We are amongst the rule-breakers you see!

From delicate and fine jewelry to bolder ones, there is something out there for each one of us and this trend complements any style, from a casual outfit to a cocktail attire. If you prefer subtler style, make your hands the focal point by choosing rings in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, or stacking statement bracelets on top of a unique hand piece.

Cohesive look with one metal color as primary and mix other

Take an example of Queen Elizabeth who likes to style her solitaire engagement ring with a gold band. Inspired much? We don’t shy away to admit that we definitely are.

If you’re all about drawing the attention to your style, pick mixed metals necklaces. To create a cohesive look, opt pieces with one color as the primary color and others metals as accent colors.

Although mixed metal jewelry is all the trend and looks chic, one must still be very careful while picking and styling them. Going overboard with different colored metals can make you look clumsy. The pieces should look like they belong together aesthetically. Looking for some inspiration to select your first mixed metal jewelry piece? Check out here.

Picking up a jewel piece is like giving your style a voice and there are no rules that every single person should adhere to. It’s all about what you like wearing and what makes you feel great about yourself! We are digging this mixed-metals jewelry trend and leave it all for you to decide if you would like to give it a try too.

Checkout styles from Nirwaana's mixed metal collections Cocktail and Entangled.

Happy mixing everyone!