Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

by Nirwaana Admin April 25, 2019

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver & balance 7.5% is other metal(s). Since fine silver is too soft to use it for making jewelry, it is alloyed with copper or other metals to increase its hardness and strength. Most of the designer jewellery is based on good quality sterling silver. If it is not properly cared then the sterling silver can lose its luster.

How to clean, care and store

  • Use a soft cloth to clean sterling silver jewellery. Avoid putting too much force on the silver which has thin wires.
  • Rub gently along the grains of silver and not circular.
  • Wear the jewellery more often so that there is no room for occurrence of tarnish.
  • Usage of liquid cleaners can damage the surface of sterling silver. To ensure longevity use a clean soft cloth.
  • Cleaning your jewellery regularly is needed to avoid build-up of tarnish.
  • Also avoid contact of hairspray & lotion. be on a safer side and not to cause any damage to the jewellery, wear it in the last.
  • Exposure to air can cause silver to tarnish; hence sterling silver must be stored in dry and air tight space like ziplock bags, tightly sealed boxes.
  • Intermittent cleaning by professionals can ensure less damage to the silver in long run.
  • The silver to be stored where there is less humidity, mostly in a cool and dry place.
  • If the jewellery is going to be stored for a longer time, put in a sachet of silica or a piece of chalk as this will avoid moisture.


What to avoid

  • Places to avoid wearing sterling silver jewellery - Swimming, showering, sunbathing or working out are few of the places to be avoided wearing your sterling silver.
  • Also avoid contact with food that are acidic.

Follow these simple steps to ensure the longevity of your silver jewellery.

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Nirwaana Admin
Nirwaana Admin


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