October 18, 2019

Tale Of Talismans

By Nirwaana Admin
Tale Of Talisman Blog By Nirwaana

If you’re a fan of supernatural movies and TV shows, then you’ve probably heard about Talisman. Talismans are believed to work as magic charms, providing strength and some power to the wearer.


Origin & History

ancient architecture traces existence of talismans

Although, it cannot be pointed out exactly when and where the origin of these mystical instruments took place, traces of their existence could be found in ancient texts, paintings and scriptures, establishing their presence since the dawn of humanity.

These magic charms are as old as human civilization and are believed to be first used by the Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians used to put magical powers in Talismans and Amulets which were thought to be beneficial for the one possessing them, in warding off evil & bring in good luck. The wearer would be more confident and was thought to have a good afterlife.


Back in Roman Egypt

Egyptians are always believed to be religious and devoted to numerous Gods and the deed of Karma and afterlife. They had special significance for each jewelry piece worn by men as well as women. Back in Roman Egypt, people also believed that wearing attractive jewelry would gain the attention of their Gods, bringing prosperity and good health.

Royal and wealthy Egyptians had jewelry made up of expensive metals like gold, silver & other precious metals and gemstones to impose their social influence, differentiating themselves from the crowd. However, those who couldn't afford to spend a fortune on minerals could wear jewelry made up of clothes and unique beads. Nonetheless, jewelry was a traditional compulsion among the Roman Egyptians.

leather and other material jewelry

As far as the materials involved in creating this jewelry were concerned, there was a wide range of things which were used. Among such objects, wood, clay, cloth, metals flowers and skin of dead animals were the most popular ones.

Each material was given a separate identity, and the familiar knot remained to bring prosperity, good health, immense wealth and protection from evil powers because well all the problems of the world are solved when the evil spirits are at a distance.


Significance of mythology on ancient jewelry pieces

Several jewelry pieces are associated with mythological importance, which began way back in the classical era. To pen down a few:

  • Amulets & Good luck charms: worn to protect one from external forces, including evil possessions, negative energy, and even diseases or with belief of bringing good luck to the possessor.

hamsa talisman jewelry

tortoise symbolism talisman jewelry

  • Gemstones: Gemstones are several precious stones, each having unique characteristics and significance. They are often worn as a jewelry piece in the form of rings, pendants, and earrings.

Slowly, their use spread like wildfire across the world and became so popular that their possession is still prevalent!

Apart from spiritual beliefs, these little jewelry pieces look so aesthetic and antique.


Relevance and beliefs Across Cultures

Contradictory to common opinion, Talisman were not secluded to certain communities but were prevalent all over the globe. Civilizations across the world followed legends passed down from their ancestors, which played a major role in shaping up the endless varieties of magical amulets and talismans present today. For instance, the tradition of lucky rabbit’s foot was derived from the ancient African culture where it was believed that carrying the foot of a swift animal would help them flee with the speed of that animal.

At Nirwaana, here we have our 1st set of collection inspired by following Talismans and Amulets, to give you an antique flavor of fashion.

  • Evil eye: Evil eye is among the most potent symbols of the world as it is believed to keep the devil's eye away from the possessor of the emblem. The origin of evil eye goes back to classical era when several classical authors wrote about evil eye as a symbol of protection against the devil. It's belief is most popular in Asian countries from where it spread to the other parts of the world. It is even a part of talismans and amulets as it's significance mostly revolves around protection.

turkish evil eye amulets

  • Four Leaf Clover: For many centuries, the four-leaf clover is considered among the luckiest objects of the world. Each of the 4 leaves of clover represents a different quality. The first leaf representing hope, the second faith, the third leaf is for love and the fourth one brings good luck to its finder. It is quite rare to find because no clover plant can produce four leaves naturally. It is no less than a miracle and thus, have special powers according to legends. Centuries ago, Celtic priest in Ireland used to carry four leaf clover as it would help them to realize evil spirits coming and had enough time to escape from them. So, if you are lucky enough to find a four leaf clover keep it and it might bring good fortune for you. Nirwaana’s 4 Leaf Clover jewelry pieces also use Malachite stone. This lovely green textured mineral has the properties to absorb all negative energy and help in stimulating heart & throat chakras.

four leaf clover good luck charm

  • White Spider: The White spider is another famous symbol of mythological stories which has numerous beliefs according to different regions. Some regions consider it to be the symbol of the goddess of Earth and some to be the invitee of good luck and prosperity. There's a reason why your favorite avenger is Spiderman and your favorite character remains Shelob from The Lord of the Rings. Back in Roman Egypt, there used to be a goddess 'Neith' who was believed to be the weaver of one's destiny and that's how the origin of white spider gained it's significance.

The jewelry pieces will not only focus on the use of powerful symbols but will also keep up with modern trends. Thus, making sure that you're not behind from the world when it comes to protection as well as style. Explore Nirwaana’s Talisman collection here.

While we look forward to your feedback on our existing collection, we plan to add some more beautiful jewelry pieces to this collection in the near future. Do let us know, which other Talisman based jewelry creations would you love to own.